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Jinan Chongqiang China Germany Equipment & Electrics Co.Ltd, , manufacture beer  equipment, microbrewery equipment, keg equipment, fermentor and accessories of beer-brewing equipment, keg equipment , filter for all drinks and berb extractor equipment  , reactors, super filters for medcine industry , filling equipment, mill, service covering  brewery of beer, wine, fruite wine, soft drinks, juice, pectin,  medine ingredients  from Natural plant, stand on the frontline of the industry. In addition, our company is one of the first Chinese enterprises which have passed CE certification on beer-brewing equipment  with No.AC/0711008/09/10  .No.s GR2107/008587CM.

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  1. alcohol free beer technology
  2. 1000L microbrewery equipment
  3. 500L microbrewery  equipment for hotels and restaurants
  4. 100L single beer-brewing system
  5. 200L micro brew for bar|restaurant|homebrew
  6. 2500L two vessel brew + 2 vessel fermenting
  7. 100HL  brewery equipment
  8. 1500l  micro brewery equipment
  9. The detailed information of brewery equipment
  10. 100L  microbrewery equipment equipment
  11. 600L microbrewery equipment_beer equipment_fermentor_keg equipment
  12. 5000L  brewery equipment
  13. 100000 KL beer plant brewery equipment
  14. 5000 KL beer plant equipment cost
  15. 10000 KL beer plant equipment cost