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Brewery season come



The spring of 2013 now come here, it is also the busy season for brewery equipment.

Jinan Chongqiang china Germany Equipment & Electrics co. Ltd.( CQINDUSTRY)  WILL SHOW customers four top brewery technologies from it two labs, one from SD Light Industry University, another from SD Pharmacentical University.

In  equipment making procession, automatical industry programme will be more perfect.

New high quanlity beer test plant will be under construction.

Ordering equipment, technology free, valid  for 60 days.
Brewed beer equipment;
The high-quality home-brewed beer equipment;
Pectin technical equipment;
Dietary fiber technology equipment;
Anticancer the beverage brewing equipment technology;
Brewing technology and equipment to treat diabetes;

Jinan Chongqiang China Germany Equipment & Electrics Co.Ltd, , manufacture beer  equipment, microbrewery equipment, keg equipmentfermentor and accessories of beer-brewing equipment, keg equipment , filter for all drinks and berb extractor equipment  stand on the frontline of the industry. In addition, our company is one of the first Chinese enterprises which have passed CE certification on beer-brewing equipment  with No.AC/0711008/09/10  .


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