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brazed heatexchanger for chillers

brazed heatexchanger for chillers
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brazed heatexchanger:microbrewery equipment| beer equipment|fermentor|keg equipment

It is wildely used in chiller or refrigerator industry.


The brazed plate heat exchanger covers the cooling capacity for a range of 5 ~ 70KW (2-25 ton), can be used as a condenser and an evaporator. Also be used as a cooler and superheater use, especially suitable for small home central air conditioning.
Different places according to use, ZL50 divided into two kinds the Model - ZL50C and ZL50V ZL50C do condenser, ZL50V can be used as the evaporator.

Standard to take over
Water side / refrigerant water side, W210 (G1 ") W312 (G1" 1/4)
Refrigerant side H 1063 (3/4 ") H 2116 (1" 1/8) S 313 (1 "3/8)

Technical parameters
Minimum working temperature -160 ℃


If this does not meet you demand, we can provide other series products to meet your demand.
Maximum operating temperature of +225 ℃
Minimum Operating Pressure Vacuum
Maximum working pressure 30/45barmicrobrewery equipment| beer equipment|fermentor|keg equipment
Test pressure 45/63bar
Single-channel volume 0.095L
The maximum flow rate of the water side of 18m3 / h
The plate piece combination form D, H, X, the DM, HM, XM

The thickness of the plate pack
A = 10 + n × 2.4 (mm)
Weight W = 2.0 +0.23 × N (kg)
n = number of plates



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