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juice equipment

juicer for wine, fruit wine plant

juicer for  wine, fruit wine plant
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juicer,  for , grape, pear, apple, etc.  500kg/h, for brandy, fruite wine, juice drink plant.  or bar use.microbrewery equipment_beer equipment_fermentor_keg equipment


It is hydraulic model,  use single phase 220v, 50Hz,   or  110v, 60Hz,   air source is 0-.4--0,8 MPA,  EACH batch is 50kg,  5 minutes, each. 


top tank is for fluid you are going to fill into bottles.  
at tank side, you will see a black hand switch.  Just push up & down,  the fluid stream stops or starts.
Bottle are put by hand at the platform, and Its is phneumatic supported up and down , so enable the bottle rise  closely to the filling nozzle, without any leak of air or fluid.  The up and down swith is at side of the form.  
Of course, we will provide a air compressor when deliver the filling machine,  375w, 220v,  50Hz, single phase.  fittings, pipes will also be provided.
Total weight 80kg, including :
filing  machine;
air compressor
fittings, pipes and valves,
What  customers prepare are ,  filling fluid, Co2 or N2 ( for beer, carbonate drinks, other soft drinks not necessary)  , bottles,  glass bottles, or PET bottles.


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