Pub microbrewery house 300L

pub microbrewery equipment, full spec sheet

  • Model: AM08

Pub microbrewery house 300L 

That is designed and made to Pub brewery likes bar,  fast food restaurant.  

It is mirror shining on surface, and a classical work platform. 

It is containing all components of a TOB  sheet of a microbrewery plant,covering  mill,  brewhouse, cooling system, , fermentors.  and beer counter faciliates.


* 2 vesselbrewhouse: mashtun(kettle, whirlpool), lautertun

* VFD agitatorin lautertun
* heating :  electric ,  (220v, 380v,  440v three phase);Steam heating method calandria,  gas fire , optional,decided before order.

*With calandria in the brew kettle
* Stainlesssteel two stage heat exchanger (single stage for optional)
* Stainless steel 10L wort grant or withleveling tube for avoiding compacting(  Optional for 1000L and abovecapacity)
* With Flexible auger, Grist silo& hydrator (for  brewery plant only)
*Glass manhole is in standard  (optional)
*Steam venting via chimney
* PLC control unit 
* Pneumatic valves 

packing,  all tanks, fermentors, brewhouse are individually packed;

accessary parcel is packed independently.  Sea work packing.