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300L fermenting tank for Ale or Larges and wine

300L fermenting tank for Ale or Larges and wine
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300L fermenting tank for beer-brewing with  CE certificate made of stainless steel,for Ale or Larges and wine
- Working Capacity: 300L                                                                                         
-Max. Working Pressure: 0.2 M pa
-Dish-shaped coverr or onion-shaped top with manway on the top or on the side.
- Cylinder and cone bottom shape.
- Inside finish: S.S.304 sheets, inner plate thickness 2mm, surface be polished into less than 0.4um.
- Glycol jacketsOn the side and cone bottom.Jacket is full of glycol water and used to lower the temperature.
- Insulation material is polyurethane foam and thickness is 80mm on the side and cone bottom.
- Outside finish: S.S.304 sheets, polished into frost-like surface, thickness 1.5mm.
 - Leg: S.S.304, 3 legs with adjustable or un-adjustable foot pads for option.
 - 25% excessive headspace.
- Metallic thermometer.
- One rotating sanitary CIP spray ball on the inner head, down-tube.
- Pressure gauge and a butterfly valve on the CIP down-tube.
- Pressure control method with hand or electro connecting pressure gauge optional.
- 1 sanitary manual butterfly valve on the cone bottom for beer outlet and sampling
- 1 sanitary manual butterfly valve (DIN32) on the bottom for inlet of wort, collecting yeasts, and drainage.
- All 3 butterfly valves.

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