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Jinan Chongqiang China Germany Equipment & Electrics Co.Ltd, , manufacture beer  equipment, microbrewery equipment, keg equipment, fermentor andaccessories of beer-brewing equipment, keg equipment , filter for alldrinks and berb extractor equipment  , reactors, super filters formedcine industry , filling equipment, mill, service covering  brewery ofbeer, wine, fruite wine, soft drinks, juice, pectin,  medineingredients  from Natural plant, stand on the frontline of the industry.In addition, our company is one of the first Chinese enterprises whichhave passed CE certification on beer-brewing equipment  withNo.AC/0711008/09/10  .No.s GR2107/008587CM.
CQINDUSTRY HAS SETUP TWO UNIVERSITY LABS and test plant in Chinesefamous university, and drinks and pharmacentical techs stands front ofChina industry  for over 7 years since 2007.

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