new malt drinks , non alcohol beer

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  it is carbonate drinks in summer,  and it can be used for beer, non alcohol beer.  

It is based on present beer equipment,  but procession is quite different from normal beer.


Common knowledgement:


The term "non-alcoholic beer" is actually a misnomer. There are trace amounts of alcohol in non-alcoholic beer. Then again, you can also find trace amounts of alcohol in orange juice and bread, as a result of the fermentation process. Commercial definitions of non-alcoholic beer (otherwise known as "malted beverage") vary between countries, but it usually contains a maximum of 0.1% to 0.5% alcohol.

Non-alcoholic beer is brewed as normal beer, but during the finishing stages of the brewing process the alcohol is removed by vacuum evaporation. This process takes advantage of the different boiling points of water and alcohol. As this feature article by John Naleszkiewicz at Brew Your Ownmagazine explains, since alcohol has a very low boiling point, it's relatively easy to evaporate most of the alcohol in a batch of home brew by simply heating it in an oven after it ferments. You can also try to shorten the fermenting process, but that tends to take more flavor away.

Yeast technology;

Depending on present yeast technology,  beer yeast is not confined to the normal. 

In the lab of Jinan Chongqiang China Germany Equipment & Electrics Co. Ltd.( CQINDUSTRY) ,  people find more than 5 kinds of yeast,  at different fermenting temperature,  different alcohol content produced, at some thermal point, less 0.3% of alcohol  produced, for example,  29 Celsius degree, more regnant components produced,  no alcohol produced at all. Alcohol free beer is easy, and save 80% of power for cooling system.

For any brewer, the last way for alcohol free beer  is nearly perfect.