300L pub brewhouse equipment TOB sheet

Silver, deep empty gray, gold, or rose gold anodized metal case

  • Model: Watch


Beer Equipment list for300L/DAY      


                     model listCQM-3QUAITITYRENARKS
MillMill for malt and wheat150kg/h1 piece1.5KW
Attached fitting hopper
Saccharization systemBrew kettle300L1 pieceSanitary stainless steel , covered with redcopper, polihed to mirror grade
Lauter tun300L1 pieceSanitary stainless steel , covered with redcopper, polihed to mirror grade
Whirlpool kettle(conbined)300L1 pieceAbove mentioned , combined with brewery kettle
Hot water tank 300L1Sanitary stainless steel , covered with redcopper, polihed to mirror grade
Wort pump 1t/h1 pieceStainless steel pumphead,0.75KW
Heat exchanger 3 1 setSanitary Stainless steel plate HeatExchang,the carbon steel frame  
Oxgen venture tube
1pieceSanitary Stainlesssteel
Yeast adding tank 10L 1 Stainless steel, flange,nut
1setSanitary stainlesssteel
Fermenting systemFermentation tank 640L3  + 3 piecesSanitary staninless steel, polished to 2Bgrade temp. and pressure controlled automatically.
Butterfly valve and ballvalveStainless steel

CIP SystemClearing tank 100L  2 piecesAbove mentioned
Bright beer tankStorage tank , pipes,valves350

Clearing pump 1t/h1 piece
Pipe and valve mixed1 setAbove mentioned
Chiller system [autocontrolled]Cold tank   1000L1piecesAbove mentioned
Evaporatorcopper1 sets
Cold compressor 3HP1 teams2KW
pump1t/h1 pieces0.35KW
Pipe and valv e
1setSainary stainless steel
Controlling system General controlling cabinet700 ×12001 set
Power cabinet500 ×7001 set
Controlling cabinet forchiller500 ×7001 set
PLC controlling cabinet 500 ×7001 setFor refrigerator, fermentingtank.


COVER AREA: 18 Square meters, total power minimum 5KW ( brewhouse heating from gas) , which should be knocked down first before order.

beer making brewing equipment, beer brewery, microbeerequipment, made of stainless steel, and lauter tun and mashtun , coveredwith red copper.  splendid, and shining,  suitable to bar, restaurant, improving quanlity of 

Wireless network (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)

Bluetooth 4

Battery time of up to 18 hours. *

Waterproof * *

WatchOS 2

  • Apple Watch

  • Magnetic charging cable (2 meters)

  • USB power adapter (5W)

  • The strap (the movement type strap can be assembled into the length of S/M or M/L)

  • quick start guide