5HL microbrew equipment

5HL microbrewery equipment red copper covered complete components for total turn key basis.

  • Model: 5HL redcopper covered

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Microbrewery equipment for Hotel ,Resturant ,Barbecue ,Ginshop,Groggery,pub bar, Sidewalk snack booth, while craft beer, finebeer is served, in keg or bottle.

And you can choose ,100L. 200L,  300L,  500L  and less capacity microbrewequipment.

Space is limited, and capacity is not fixed daily,  we need consider anddesign a suitable microbrewery equipment for customer.


microbrewery equipment| beer equipment|fermentor|keg equipment

microbrewery equipment| beer equipment|fermentor|keg equipment

microbrewery equipment| beerequipment|fermentor|keg equipment, pectin euqipment, dietary fibre, beer keg, kegerator,homebrew, drinks filling



microbrewery equipment| beerequipment|fermentor|keg equipment


microbrewery equipment_beerequipment_fermentor_keg equipment made of stainless steel. mainly includingbrewing kettle, filtering tank and fermenting tank. covered with copper. splendid and shining and suitable for hotels and restaurants. heated  byelectricity or steam. Components of 500L beer-brewingequipment    

                     model CQM-5 listSpec.QUAITITYRENARKS
millMalt mill100kgs/hour1 piece0.75KW
1 set
Saccharification systemBrewing kettle500L1 piece
filtering tank500L1 piece
Whirling & precipitating tank500L1 piececombined with filtering tank 
pump3tons/hour1 piece0.75KW
Heat-exchanging machine5 1 set
Hot water tank500L1 piece
Aeration link
1 piece
Lab equipmentsaccharimeter0-101
Temperature meter0-1502
Measuring tube  40cm1

Fermentation  systemFermenting tank1000L4 pieces
Butterfly valve and ball valve

clear beer tank

CIP SystemCleaning tank100L2 pieces
Cleaning pump1ton/hour1 piece
Pipe and valvemixed1 set
Refrigeration systemCold water tank1500L1pieces
Evaporatorcopper1 sets
Refrigeration compressor5HP1 set4KW
Pump3tons/hour1 pieces0.75KW
Pipe and valve
Controlling systemGeneral controlling cabinet700 × 1200 1 set
Power cabinet500 × 7001 set
Controlling cabinet for refrigerationcompressor500 × 7001 set

If you need  50L , 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L, 800L, 1000L, 1500Land  2000L  beer-brewing equipment, please email us for furtherinformation and offer.